Media Practices

16mm to digital, in camera editing shot on a Bolex camera, duration: 02:49, by students Lola Blake Zoe Vulgamott.

Parasite in love, HD video, duration: 03:47, by Rui Chen. *please note partial nudity

animation rendered in Maya, duration: 01:23, by student Xin Huang. 

Anterograde, HD video, found footage, duration: 03:29, by Evan Armstrong.

FVRDRM, cinematography and editing by student Rigo Joshua Gonzalez.

Media Practices: The Moving Image

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Film, Video, New Media and Animation Department

Spring 2019

Course description:

This seminar is designed to introduce the student to the language of the moving image, its history and the ways in which artists have used moving images in this century. The course will explore the idea of radical content and experimental form by establishing the normative models and procedures of cinema and video, and then showing the ways artists have challenged these conventions. The course will define and differentiate the two dominant forms of moving image: film and video, and begin a consideration of new and expanding forms for the moving image.