Invisibility Suit Series: The Weight of the Shape-shift Body

Sharecopping, 2011. Jacquard weaving dyed with mint leaves, HD video, 23 sec loop.

Beached, 2011. Shredded documents swept, push broom, performance in Pacifica, California. 

If You Like Me Now, Try Me When I'm Dead, 2011. Jitter, compilation of previous video works, HD video, 45 second loop. 

Invisibility Suit Series

The Weight of the Shape-shift Body

December 13 – 17, 2011

North Gallery

Oakland, CA

A series of self-portraits in landscape, these invisibility suits are constructed in time as the chroma-key body reveals the layer behind it. The actions of the digital figure meet the labor of the hand through weaving, natural dye processes, and the synchronized sweeping of shredded documents.