Fact Checking My Father

Lecture-performance, 2017. Presented at SFMOMA as part of the UC Berkeley / Stanford University Symposium–Not at Home: Migration, Pilgrimage and Displacement in Art, Design, and Visual Culture.

Full audio recording available upon request

Fact Checking My Father

April 8, 2017


San Francisco, CA


Beginning with my father’s death certificate, I check his statements for factual accuracy against public record, national statistics, and published scholarship. Initially focusing on the specificity of his lived experience, the lecture swings back forth between the personal and factual, connecting with broader discussions of race, as well as an accounting for oral traditions diminished by state sanctioned history. Unpacking complexities around issues of racialized ethnicity, assimilation, migration, and the prison industrial complex, Fact Checking My Father delves into the political fixation on facts by challenging the notion of state verification, asserts the power of oral tradition and the reassesses currency of truth.