319 N Clinton Ave

Installation view, Between the Real and Utopia Exhibition, SITE Gallery, Chicago, 2017. Documentation: Jesse Meredith.

319 N Clinton Ave

Between the Real and Utopia

November 16 – December 15 

(November 16 – 22)

SITE Gallery, curated by Jameson Paige

Chicago, IL


A long form research project into the gentrification of Oak Cliff, a historically Latinx neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. This project uses the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps as primary source material to create a score on the floor of the gallery, centering the the loss of one specific property during the mortgage crisis. 

Exhibition statement:

Between the Real and Utopia is an exhibition centering performance practices that investigates the process of “getting there.” The position of being between two temporalities–the real and a utopia–indicates a notion of flux, and on favorable occasion, progression. Perpetually marked by temporality, performance practices glimpse how new ways of seeing, being, and doing are enacted, making them a suitable metaphor for what characterizes the in between. Though a group show, the exhibition format cycles through a series of smaller artist projects–individual and collaborative–conjoining the temporally-bound nature of performance with a curatorial platform that performs in tandem with the artists. Each iterative project occurs over a week, staging performances, programs, and activations in conjunction with its installation, pointing to the potentialities of utopia’s reverberation back into the real.

Mev Luna
Marcela Torres
Michael Vincent Pusey
Michelle Murphy

–– Jameson Paige