Seminar: Sex and Gender in New Media

I prayed for you, HD video, by student Don Rodney Washington. *please note partial nudity

Seminar: Sex and Gender in New Media

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Film, Video, New Media and Animation Department

Teaching Assistant to Professor Ei Jane Janet Li

Course description:

This seminar is focused on analyzing how the diverse sexuality expressions and gender identities are represented in media culture through examining old/new media artists’ works paired with corresponding theoretical perspectives before and after the Internet. Texts from feminist, men’s studies and queer theorists will be discussed to encourage critical thinking towards images of the body, sex (porn literacy), and sexuality in the media. The practical aspects of this class seek to highlight political and critical uses of technology in art, to challenge and discourse existing ideas of sex and gender, and to creatively embody such discourses in each student’s own studio practice.