Mediated Weaving

C Clark, 3D rendering in Maya, simulated loom exercise.

Exhibition documentation. (Left) Scent Memory 2 , duration: 02:10, video and 3D renderings by Alice Yun and (Center) We Face the Ground, cotton, rope, paper, 35.5’ x 39’ by Seomy Ahn.

Scent Memory 2, video still, duration: 02:10, HD video and 3D renderings by Alice Yun. 

Exhibition documentation. (Left) Bubble(re)verse by Lucy Wanchun Leith, (Center) exhibition statement, and (Right) Aliased Quarry/Diffraction Query,  Hand-woven fabric and digital Augmented Reality application, 36" x 76" with free smartphone download by C Clark. 

Alice Yun, 3D rendering in Maya, composition exercise. 

Mediated Weaving

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Fiber and Material Studies

Team-teaching Award

Co-taught with Professor John Paul Morabito

Summer 2018


Culminating Exhibition:

Simulations and Materializations

Supplyframe DesignLab

August 30 – October 1, 2018


Course description:

Simulations and Materializations proposes a dialectical relationship between conceptual constructions of the organic (nature) and of the technological (culture). Works in this exhibition were begun in the Mediated Weaving Workshop, a summer incubator taught by John Paul Morabito and Mev Luna at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Located in the Department of Fiber and Material Studies weaving lab, the course engaged with technology and simulation through a weaver’s thinking. The artists here are working at the intersection of the material and the virtual, specifically exploring hand weaving in tandem with high-end simulation technologies. Dialogue between these modalities offers a release from their ingrained limitations. With this new-found freedom the artists merge embodiment and imagination, confound the boundaries between the
ideal and the realized, and ultimately propose a wholly new/queer/metaphysical utopia.