Contemporary Art in Mexico City

Students gather for class at Espacio escultorico, at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 

Participants met with curator Mauricio Marcin and esteemed Latin American specialist Carla Stellweg at Museo de Arte Carillo Gil for the exhibition Abusos de Las Formas

Day trip to Cuadra San Cristóbal, designed by architect Luis Barragán.

Participants will meet with Diego del Valle Ríos, editor at

Students gather in front of Torres de Satélite, designed by architect Luis Barragán.

Participants met with Associate Curator, Andrés Valtierra.

Contemporary Art in Mexico City

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Study Abroad


January 2020

Course description:

What does contemporary art look like in one of the two largest cities in the Americas? Over the past thirty years, Mexico City has become one of the global centers of artistic production, and this two-week intensive study trip course will map its networks at the start of a new decade. Team-taught by critic/art historian Daniel Quiles and artist Mev Luna, the class will visit artists' studios, project spaces, arthouse cinemas, residencies, commercial galleries, and world-class museums, providing numerous “behind-the-scenes” opportunities with artists, filmmakers, collectors, curators, and dealers. Chief among our questions will be how Mexico City's unique urbanism–given that it is a city literally built on an indigenous one, Tenochtitlán– has conditioned the organization of art spaces and initiatives in the years since the devastating earthquake of 1985. Open to English-speaking students, this course will provide a comprehensive introduction to contemporary art in "CDMX," attending to its many differences and similarities to its counterparts elsewhere in the Americas. This course will constitute elite training for serious artists and scholars eager for cosmopolitan careers and knowledge, as well as participate in a global discourse around artistic production and artistic communities. 

 Studio visit with artist Miguel Calderón at Kurimanzutto